A new year comes upon Redfur and we are all glad we are here! The Guild wishes all the best to all our members, old and new. Hopefully this year will find you all happy and healthy!

The New Life festival event has finished and what fun it was! We now have a fishing recipe for our aspiring Master Anglers and all our fishing events! Look out for the Jester's Day event sometime in April if ZOS follows the Lore holiday date. It will also have a memento, hats and recipes as rewards.

Another thing that a lot of us have been waiting for and has now been confirmed and coming in February is Player Housing! That's right! You can now own a piece of Tamriel, craft your own furniture, find it in some cases in the world or trade between between people. It is going to be an exciting time for crafters but be warned that this is a long term goal. Crafting furniture and buying houses will be resource heavy so do not be disappointed if you cannot fully furnish your home within the first week. It is something to strive towards! Check some more details on the thread on Furniture Crafting. Crafting writs will also be introduced and that is basically end-game content for Master Crafters! A lot of resources will be required to complete one but the rewards long term might be good for those willing to do it.

Housing comes in various sizes and there are some really large areas. Who knows, Redfur might just have its own "Guild Hall" soon. A small hint with the picture above!

Don't forget to check out our sections for GuidesEvents, which you can also list on our Calendar, a space on which to post your Trade or Crafting requests, a Creative Corner and a Gallery for posting your pictures. Check out the Guide section to find tips on where to find all the new sets and Undaunted Monster Helms that have been introduced with One Tamriel.

And don't forget we offer various opportunites as well. Have a look at our Fish for a Guild Trader, it's just one of our stickied Crafting/Trading-guides to improve your trading experience and under our events lists you can sign up for Trials as well!

So, if you have ideas for great events, keep posting them and if you need help just ask. Remember,

Redfur is here to help!

As Redfur, we try to remember why we started and what our goals are so I will repeat Zlater's words in this message:

"If you're here it means you've found us through one of our awesome guilds!
More than anything though what it means is that you're a friend, and we are really glad you could join us :D"

Please also do remember our rules which are simple and common sense:

1. All members are permitted to introduce their friends into the guild 
2. Talk and chatter amongst guild members is to remain polite, clean, non-discriminatory and fair.
3. Be considerate of others, put yourself in their shoes before you say or do something.
4. The guild bank is there as a courtesy, if you take from the bank, please try your best to replace an equal value of items. Otherwise others will stop putting things in there for next time.

Redfur is having a Christmas Lottery! To take part in this festive occasion you can deposit 1K per Ticket (20 tickets maximum) to either Redfur Trading or Redfur Exchange Guild Bank!

Entries will start being counted from the 1st of December 1st The last date for entry is the 22nd December 6pm GMT when the actual draw will take place!

You may buy 20 tickets at once with 20K, but due to a ZOS guild bank bug perhaps you should try smaller amounts each time.
You may buy 20 tickets per guild if you wish e. g. 10 in RT and 10 in RE


1.) Runebox Xivkin Polymorph Dreadguard 
2.) 2x Yokudan Motifs 
3.) 3x Draugr Motifs
4.) Aetherial Dust x1 + 1x Perfect Roe + 1x Psijic Ambrosia Recipe Fragment 
5.) 8 Tempering Alloys 
6.) 8 Temp Alloys 
7.) 8 Dreugh Wax + Pumpkin Mask
8.) 8 Dreugh Wax + Scarecrow Mask
9.) 8 Rosin + Pumpkin Mask
10.) 8 Rosin + Scarecrow Mask
11.) 1000x Rubedite Ore 
12.) 1000x Raw Ancestor Silk 
13.) 1000x Rough Ruby Ash 
14.) 10x Celestial Motifs
15) 10 Kuta Runes 
16) 3x Dark Brotherhood Motif
17) 20 of each Alchemy Material + 200 Lorkhans Tears + 200 Alkahest 
18) Yokudan Axes Motif
19) Draugr Chests Motif
20) 200 of each CP160 Raw Material

Check out this thread for more details

Many thanks to all the generous donators!

Keep an eye out for more Christmas activities such as Secret Santa! A Guild-wide Secret Santa initiative is brewing! Get the details on this thread here and take part!

Tolpan I'm in with this wow Xmas fun. "Do do xmas-birthday members get a little present to hehehe."
sooriski Well done everyone. I will be happy to support this.
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